Welcome on my naturopathic practice!


I teach finding your real Self and heal and to create a new version connected to nature and your creativity.

~ Dr. Christine Geier


Nature heals. It inspires and helps us to come back to our real Selves. So, enjoy time in nature and slow down and experience the magic of wholeness.


With sensitive photography, visionary painting and energetic coaching Christine brings human back to their devine Self. Creative activity increases fascination and fun and things will flow better in every part of life. It is always an holistic view.


Human, Animals & Artist (professionel)

Soul portraits in Nature


Self-Love, Joy & Happiness

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Healing Art

Visionary Art & Nature Motives

Inspiration for your life

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Acryl and watercolour paintings

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Vitality & Soulfulness

Health promotion and clairvoyance


Face-to-face or via call (phone or Skype)

30 min: 39 € and 60 min: 69 €

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After biology study (animal behaviour), she made a PhD in teacher training. For some years she was working in didactics of biology at university, which she left for devoted mommy-child-time.


Then, she found back to art.


Parallel to photography, she paints mostly in watercolour (illustration and intuitive painting) and gives workshops to her clients, also concerning health, nature and earth medicine education.


"Intuitive painting is a mirror to your inner world. Don`t think, just paint. Form and colours arise and you are totally in a flow. It activates all in your life and you come to your true Self."


She also loves writing children and adult books about nature protection and human soul.

Do not hesitate to contact Christine if You have any question about her services or paintings.

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